Falmari A race that’s still humanoid

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Falmari A race that’s still humanoid

Post by futshop » Wed Apr 12, 2017 11:38 pm


A race that’s still humanoid but has some unique twists, this might be easier to implement than a furry Volopine. You meet the amphibious Falmari during your sprawling revelation online gythil journey to max level, and they would add a great tinge of “cool” to the otherwise bland character creation options.

“The Falmari – the favourite children of the sea god. They look both human and amphibious and live only on the coast, spending half of their time in the water. Members of this race will often visit Sulan, the sea capital, located in the west of the continent. But if you want to get a better look at these magnificent creatures that have emerged from the cheap revelation online gythil waves, the best thing to do is to visit the seaside.”

These are just a few races of Revelation Online that I feel should make their debut as playable options. As I mentioned above, part of the appeal for many players of MMOs is looking the part, and sadly right now the game doesn’t offer enough variety. The Revelation Online in the West is just a port of the Asian MMO, so for any updates to buy revelation online imperial coins they would first have to release in China. One can only hope we get a little more variety in the years to come, as the shortcomings in the character creator are really hampering what otherwise is a pretty cool title.See more of these revelation online game news in playerhot now.. come on, so thanks!

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